Sunday, September 1, 2013

Get More Sales From Existing Customers

Present clients are probably the most low compertition resource of more revenue for most companies. It appears to be strange but most companies take a longer period pursuing new clients than they do keeping touching existing ones. Think about the locations you use consistently - you'll soon realize that's the case. Check out these methods to get more revenue without annoying your present clients.

Send texts

Texts are the present "immediate" way to achieve people. They've changed faxes and even e-mails if you want your concept study almost immediately - most text messages are study within moments of being obtained.

They're also very personal.

So be cautious with the terminology you use on them, otherwise you'll discover that you annoy your clients, which isn't the objective.

Because of the immediacy, you could deliver text messages about unique deals that are only available in a few months period. Or you could deliver out reports or even invites.

Put your thinking cap on and you'll soon come up with several different methods to use text messages.

Send cards

If you know your client's wedding, deliver them a credit cards. If you don't, discover out the date!

If you don't have that kind of information and can't perform out a courteous way to ask for it, there are certain times when credit cards are appropriate - Xmas for example but other activities such as Valentine Day, Hallow's eve, etc perform similarly well.

You can consist of an offer with the credit cards - it could be a present certification, legitimate above a certain invest, it could be a coupon or even a example or present.

It's a simple thing to do and it will make sure that you take a position out from the audience. Think back to when you last got a credit cards of any type from any company you deal with. Possibilities are it's a unusual occasion.

Hold an event

Special activities are just that - unique.

So consider having a client only occasion, maybe after hours, where you illustrate some of your products and actually get a opportunity to discuss with your clients.

It doesn't have to be tricky.

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